Description of Services

  • Using only high-quality products, our choice of shampoo and conditioner depends on that dog’s coat, skin and/or any allergies.
  • Our soothing bathing system called hydro surge rinses right down to the skin to ensure all the dirt and oil are washed away.
  • Once the bath is finished, we towel dry to remove excess water.
  • At the drying stations, we use a velocity dryer to blow dry the dogs. We prefer this powerful dryer since it blows the coat right down to the skin to eliminate dampness and assists in the removal of dead hair in the coat. It is during this time we usually discover any items of health concern that we will point out to the owners that they typically are unable to see on their pet.
  • The dog’s face, ears and tail are dried on low speed for their comfort.  In addition, we know the importance of drying the coat straight to ensure a nice finish on the hair cut.
  • All dogs are then brushed out so any dead hair or tangles are removed.
  • With the haircut finished and fabulous, we love to put a bow on each dog to show off a clean, happy and comfortable pet!

Please note that all ear plucking and anal glands are done by request only.