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Bathing Systems
HydroSurge™ Animal Bathing Systems are a "State-Of-The-Art" development in bathing for Dogs, Cats and other animals. This unique system produces a gentle combing action spray of shampoo and water through a hand-held massage sprayer. The bathing solution gently penetrates through the hair and down to the skin to remove dirt, debris, loose hair, dead skin and dander for the healthiest skin possible. The pets love the massage-like treatment!
HydroSurge™ bathing is also an effective aid for treating dry, flaking, itching and irritated skin. Some Board Certified Veterinary Dermatologists use HydroSurge™ bathing systems to treat many common skin diseases. It gently removes areas of dead skin, increases blood circulation and aids in follicular flushing. Frequent HydroSurge™ therapeutic baths are recommended for chronic skin problems. We bath all our clients with the HydroSurge™ bathing system.

All dogs require regular grooming for their comfort and well being. Each dogs coat type will determine the amount and frequency of grooming but some elements are common to all dogs such as brushing, nail trimming and ear cleaning. Be assured that all our products are top of the line for quality. If your dog is using shampoo prescribed by your veterinarian we can easily and gladly use that product with our HydroSurge™ bathing system.

Bath and Tidy
A bath and tidy is appropriate for natural coated dogs such as these: German Shepherd, Goldens, Siberian Huskies, Shelties, Pomeranian, Pug, American Eskimo. It includes a HydroSurge™ bath, brush out, blow dry, nails clipped, ears cleaned and a tidying around the feet, ears and feathering.
A Bath and Tidy is also suitable for other types of dogs who normally get a haircut, such as Bichons or Shih-Tzus. In this case, the pet gets a HydroSurge™ bath, brush & blow dry, nails clipped, ears cleaned and have their groins and footpads shaved out. They are tidied up around the face, feet, ears and tail. It is strongly recommended that dogs in "Teddy Bear" clip get a bath and tidy every 2 to 4 weeks between haircuts, especially if you do not have the time to brush between groomings.
For some of our first time clients a bath and tidy would be best as it builds a trusting relationship between dog and groomer.

Kennel Cuts
This is the most common cut. The pet is a uniform length all over, except the head, ears and tail. There are different choices of length, from 1/4 of an inch to 3/4 of an inch. Much of the work is done with a clipper therefore the process is a little quicker and easier on the pet with the puppy look a lot of people like.

Patterned Cuts
This cut is commonly trimmed to match the breed standard such as Cockers with short backs and long skirts or Terriers with their distinctive full legs and long beards. It can also refer to any of the many poodle patterns available.

Dogs with Undercoats
Dogs that were originally bred to herd sheep and cattle developed an extra growth of coat to protect them from the harsh outdoor weather they had to endure. The concern with dogs with this is that their undercoats do not completely fall out now that they live indoors or when the weather gets warmer. This undercoat that remains begins to tangle and generally causes discomfort for the dog and misery for the owner when the falling hair litters their home. It has to be removed by the tools a groomer would use. Some examples of dogs with an undercoat are: Bearded Collie, Border Collie, Collie and many others.
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