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We work in a professional salon with only a few other animals present at any given time. This means that your pet is brought to us and in the appropriate amount of time is bathed and groomed. The good thing is they are not sitting in a kennel all day waiting to go home.

We use Earthbath™ shampoo and conditioners which is of the highest quality. If you have a dog that has allergies we offer our soothing anti- itch treatment at no extra charge to you. Please let us know when you come to our salon.

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When puppies have their first grooming visit, we want their experience to be stress free and have a positive outcome and have some fun! Their initial experiences being groomed will determine how they will feel about being groomed for the rest of their lives. We will only do what we feel the puppy can handle on the first grooming. We suggest you come by for a visit to meet us and for us to meet your new family member.

When we groom older dogs that may be in pain or stiff, we give them time during the session to relax before we continue grooming again. We will sometimes do a comfort cut where the minimum is done to make your pet comfortable. We will not make an older or infirm dog do what we need to without helping the pet out. We do this by having one groomer supporting the dog while the other groomer does the clipping. The HydroSurge™ bathing has a pleasant massage like treatment that feels great on the sore spots!

We realize that animals feel scared, stressed or shy when being handled by someone different. If your dog starts exhibiting signs of distress during a grooming session you can trust us to never resort to aggressive methods to "get the job done" for an owner, instead they will only receive services that they can handle until we gain their confidence. Your companion may go home not completed and you will be charged accordingly. We will do the rest at a later date that is convenient for you.

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